CBD for Dogs with Anxiety – Helping Mans Best Friend

No one likes to see a family member struggle with anxiety or pain. The idea that you have to sit idle on the sideline while they struggle to get through each day is asinine. There are ways to help family with anxiety, pain and overall health in general. 

When we talk about family we usually include our dogs or other pets but that conversation seems to stop when it comes to holistic healing practices. I’m here to talk about how CBD can help humans and pets alike in many ways.

CBD is growing in popularity as current research continues to prove the benefits to be exponential. As the hemp derived compound gains ground we are starting to see more research showing evidence that humans aren’t the only ones that stand to benefit from it.

We should consider using CBD for everyone in our house of all ages as well as our dogs and other pet friends. Today I will give you plenty of reasons to consider before you decide if CBD is good for your families pet(s).

Signs of Anxiety in Pets

Dogs and other pets can have anxiety just like humans. It is important that we notice these signs and take them into consideration. No one wants their dog to be unhealthy and anxiety can be terrible for a pet. Sometimes when a pet is suffering from anxiety it will cause them  to be aggressive.

If your dog is typically friendly and calm then signs of aggression should lead you to some level of concern. Aggression can come from many things but anxiety and pain are typically the main causes. Another common sign of anxiety is urinating or defecating in the house.

Most of us have experienced this when a friend comes over and your dog is so excited that he can’t stop jumping and dancing around until he urinates on the floor. There are many causes of anxiety and many ways that it can show up.

Common signs of anxiety in pets:

1. Depression. Just like with humans, pet anxiety that isn’t treated can lead to depression. It is a sad sight to watch a dog that once loved playing not want to even go outside.

2. Repetitive behaviors. Sometimes a pet will start to do something over and over such as pace back and forth or chase its tail. These compulsive behaviors are a sign of anxiety.

3. Destructive behavior. If your dog suddenly wants to rip apart everything in its path then maybe something is wrong. We often see this as a typical trait but a healthy happy well-trained dog should never have these behaviors.

Of all of these symptoms, aggression is the most common and the most dangerous. If you feel that your dog is being aggressive and a threat of harm to others please talk to your veterinarian. Understanding the contributing factors can often help in the treatment. 

Aging, Inflammation and Pain

The signs of anxiety in dogs is very similar to that in people. We get aggressive, depressive and have compulsive behaviors when dealing with anxiety. These symptoms can also be a sign of other issues for your pet. Sometimes dogs will be aggressive when dealing with pain.

We all deal with getting old aches and pains. As we age we deal with inflammation and pain in our joints. Dogs are no different and as they age it is common for them to deal with hip pain as well as other joints. Pain can lead to aggressive, depressive or even destructive behavior.

This is another reason I recommend CBD Oil for pets. Not only can CBD oil help them with anxiety but it can also reduce inflammation as well as reduce pain. The ability to help a dog or pet with pain and inflammation is great because it gives them a chance to live a longer healthier life. CBD is know help to increase mobility for mature animals suffering from arthritis or hip issues.

As dogs get older they can start to get a little grumpy. Their eyesight fades away and their ears don’t quit work as well as they used to. The joints hurt from years of running and jumping. It’s tough to watch an aging dog struggle to jump up on a couch. CBD can help ease the pain and create a sense of calm.

Now that you know the signs of anxiety as well as the other factors in pets strange behavior lets talk about the main causes for anxiety in dogs.

Separation Anxiety

Many people face a dilemma when buying a pet. You may not consider it as much when you first make the decision to bring home that hairy friend of yours but when you get ready for a vacation it hits you. Who is going to take care of the dog?

At least 14% of dogs deal with separation anxiety. That’s right, your dog can get sick just from you not being around. Loneliness and boredom don’t take long to sink in for your dog friend when you leave for that family getaway. It makes sense that this happens considering you are usually around your pet often and they do not understand when you leave that you will be coming back.

CBD dog treats are great for calming your dog down so that they can deal with your absence while not being an issue for anyone you ask to help out with feeding and walking. Just before you leave take your dog for a nice walk and give them a CBD dog treat and they will love you for it.

Rescue or Shelter Dogs

When it comes to pets I am a big advocate for adoption. There are so many good dogs and other pets such as cats that need a good home and have lots of love to offer. When looking for a pet to adopt, often we see them aggressive or scared in their cages.

It is sad to see these animals like this and many families are worried that they could harm a child or do damage to their home so they get left behind. Adjusting to a new home can be tough for a new pet and for the family that is adopting. The great news is with CBD oil or dog treats you can help your new pet adjust.

CBD will give your new pet a sense of comfort and make it easier to get them adjusted to their new home. It has also been proven to increase appetite and many times these animals are under weight and lacking proper nutrition due to depression and other anxiety related symptoms.

This is great news for anyone who wants to do a good thing and adopt a pet from a shelter. You can bring your new pet home and help them get healthy and adjusted so that everyone can be happy.

Dogs Deserve CBD

Now that we know through research the benefits of CBD we should be shouting it from the rooftops. Our family uses CBD oil tinctures daily and we also have creams and salves that we use as well. The benefits are amazing but we didn’t stop with just me, the wife and kids, we decided to share CBD with our pets.

Knowing how well CBD helped us and learning how it can be used for family pets was an exciting discovery. We would have never known about these benefits without Joy Organics. They have amazing products for the entire family including pets.

Dogs and other pets deal with anxiety just like we do. They have pain and inflammation in their joints as they age. Adopted pets can have a hard time adjusting to a new home and older sick pets can have issues with eating and nausea. Leaving pets at home while on vacation can cause separation anxiety.

These are just some reasons we suggest using CBD oil or dog treats for you dog or other pets to help them relax and be healthier.

If you liked the information we shared in this article we would appreciate some feedback in the comments section below and share this with all of your friends that are pet lovers.

We are an affiliate blog and depend on patrons to keep spreading this good information about CBD and other health related topics so consider clicking on one of our affiliate links and trying some products we recommend. Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “CBD for Dogs with Anxiety – Helping Mans Best Friend

  1. This article is very cool. I never thought about cbd usage for pets! My dog is getting older and just got hit by a car. We are so lucky she is alive but she is in pain. Now that I know this is an option I will definitely give this a try!

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your dog. We love animals and I believe she would benefits from CBD for her pain and to potentially help her heal. Please feel free to share your experience with CBD if you decide to give it a try.

  2. Great article! My husband and I have been debating getting cbd for our english lab who has trouble getting onto the couch and bed. I have even purchased a really low platform bed to try to make it easier for him, but he still needs help and getting down…..ugh you can tell he doesn’t want to. I also work at at doggy daycare and with talking to my boss she hadn’t heard of a good cbd product for pets without THC in it; because dogs don’t process the THC the same as we do. Lucky, the english lab also has seizures and we’ve seen that cbd could help with those as well. Any thoughts on if this would help both the joint and seizure troubles?

    1. Hey Amber I am so glad you read our article. We love animals and want to help as many as we can and it seems like you are in a position to do that for your dog and some of the dogs at the daycare. Joy Organics has 0 THC in their CBD products. CBD will absolutely help with inflammation and pain for the dogs as well as the seizures. The seizures can be stopped in less than a minute of them occurring if you administer the CBD right away. For the seizures I would recommend using the tincture so you can put it in the mouth as needed. For the pain and inflammation I would use the dog treats that Joy has maybe in the morning and before bed time. I really hope you and your boss will consider using these products and I truly believe you will see amazing results if you do. I hope Lucky gets better and can get back up on the couch and bed without pain! Please let us know if you have any more questions and also feel free to comment again with an update if you decide to give the CBD a try.

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