Nutrition is Life – So Eat To Live!

Nutrition is life so eat to live!

What you decide to eat is either feeding or fighting disease. That is a powerful statement. When I first heard that statement I was a little shocked at the sheer boldness of the claim. Is food really the underlying root of an individuals health?

Throughout my current health journey, I have stumbled across a ton of information from a variety of sources. As I continue to learn and share this important information with friends and loved ones too often I am met with a comment such as “you’re not a doctor”.

The level of ignorance most people have about food and nutrition is really high, even for most practicing doctors. This is partly due to the fact that nutrition isn’t a topic covered when becoming a doctor. Another factor is that western medicine is all about treating diseases and sickness with medications, not preventing them.

I was looking for an answer to my lack of energy and focus. Most books on the market are confusing and lack interest, it took some time for me to find what I needed.

I was so happy when I discovered Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Fuhrman is an amazing man whom founded his medical practice based on the reality that smart nutrition is more effective than drugs to prevent and reverse disease.

Our family has followed Dr. Fuhrman for most of our journey to natural healing and today I want to talk to you about the benefits you can have from the information that is available through Dr. Fuhrman’s books, recipes, videos and maybe even a membership to his program.

Nutrition is life, so lets EAT TO LIVE.

Eat to Live

During my research I read a book called “Eat to Live”. The title definitely caught my attention and what interested me to read the book. As I began to read it was almost like a light bulb inside of me turned on.

I was excited to learn about how counting your calories is nonsense and the nutrient density per calorie of your food is what we should be concerned about. Dr. Fuhrman breaks down the highest nutrient dense foods that exist so you can know what are the best foods to eat. Kale is number 1 on the list. His book also explains G-BOMBS, which are the foods with the most scientific evidence to prevent cancer. G-BOMBS stands for Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds.

Learning about nutrient density of food was only the surface of the information we have found beneficial to our lives from this book. Reading “Eat to Live” was definitely to biggest motivating factor in our families decision to turn away from the standard American diet (SAD) and never look back. Dr. Fuhrman’s most recent book called “Eat for Life” showcases why a nutritarian diet is superior over the standard american diet.

I personally didn’t think that weight was a part of my problem but I lost 25 pounds in around 6-8 weeks from the day we started eating nutritarian. I ate as much of the recommended food I was allowed to eat and the weight came off fast. Originally I weighed 185 lbs but after a few weeks I was 160 lbs standing at 5’11”. My energy was like it was when I was an athlete in high school.

Dr. Furhman has so many amazing books including his “Eat to Live Cookbook” so that you can have all the amazing recipes he uses for his nutritarian diet.


Supplements are a wishy-washy topic. Some people claim you don’t absorb enough of the nutrients for it to make a difference. I myself believe you should get as much of your nutrients from food as possible but at times we can need an extra boost.

The problem can be finding a supplement you can trust. I trust Dr. Furhman and believe he is fully committed to helping people and that is why we want to tell others about him and his products. Not only do his products have great reviews, you can also utilize his vitamin adviser to help you find the right supplement for your needs.

No more getting unnecessary overpriced supplements, you can get what you need at the best price and quality available. They have capsules, tinctures and powders so whatever your preference you are covered.

Even if you are eating the right foods you can still come up short on some key nutrients the body needs. This is due to the depleted soil food is grown in as well as the loss of nutrients through transportation. This is why finding a good supplement for polyphenols and other phytonutrients is important.

We have been eating a nutrient dense diet for a few years now and we still come up short on vitamin D and of course B-12. This is why we use and recommend his Men’s or Woman’s Daily capsules. They have D-3 and B-12 as well as a ton of other micro nutrients, like K2, which is great for bone health.

Recipes and Videos

When we first started to change the way we ate it was a challenge. It wasn’t just because of craving for bad food but because we had no idea what to make. For so many years meat was the number one item on the table and now we refused to buy it.

I believe one of the reasons people fail when trying to eat a more nutrient dense diet is because they don’t know where to start. You bought the foods you read about but now you are lost on how to prepare them in a way that the family will enjoy.

That is why Dr. Fuhrman’s cook books are invaluable. You get all of his tips and tricks on amazing meals to try that are not only delicious but very nutrient dense. Personally, I like to read but some people do not, if that is the case then you can always check out his cooking DVDs.

The digital content is amazing and he has a ton of it. You can get plans to follow for detox, weight loss and even bone building workout videos. The content is easy to understand and very handily available. Basically if you ever have a question or a concern you have a 24/7 information hot line at your fingertips.

Success in your journey to a healthy life for you and your family is why Dr. Fuhrman does what he does in an industry that caters to the western medicine logic. He goes against the grain and brings the truth about health and food to the forefront of his campaign.

Join the Program

For some people finding the right information is all that they need in order to make the necessary changes in their lives. Other people may need more feedback and information to keep them motivated and heading in the right path. Regardless, if you are just starting your journey or you have been on the road to a healthier you for many years it can be beneficial to have someone by your side.

This is why we chose to join  Dr. Fuhrman’s membership program. We use so many of his products and enjoy his videos and recipes so much we decided to get full access.

This means we get to access over 1700+ recipes and menus with reviews and comments from other users. We also get 10% off of all supplements and 25% off of all foods and select books and media. That alone made the decision easy but we also get to access Dr. Furhman and his colleague Dr. Benson to ask them questions directly.

Having the access to all the information available including papers and media to keep up with current health related news was a huge plus especially since we write a health blog. The positives from signing up are honestly endless and if you want to have the most comprehensive network of people, products and information available on the market then I would recommend signing up today.

Dr. Furhman changed our families life. We were on the fast road to cardiovascular diseases and who knows what else, but the information and motivation we found through his books and other forms of media inspired a change. All that we really want is for others to see how amazing their life can be if they give the Nutritarian lifestyle a shot.

Nutrition Holds the Key

If you are sick, overweight, lacking energy, have diabetes or any other form of disease I urge you, if you do nothing else after reading this, at least read the book “Eat for Life”. I have lost so many loved ones to various diseases and I wish I knew the things I know now sooner.

We live in a time when so many people are lacking the nutrients they need. One third of the United States population is obese. We know from research that obese people are at a higher risk for heart attack and many other diseases. The nutritarian lifestyle can help you lose weight and fight disease.

Unlike most books and diets that leave you hanging with one source of information and motivation, Dr. Fuhrman gives you everything you need to be successful in your change.

Being healthy and disease free to me is the real American dream. I mean what good is success or money if you can’t enjoy them with good health. The old saying “health is wealth” is right. Take care of you and your families health by learning the truth about food and disease.

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10 thoughts on “Nutrition is Life – So Eat To Live!

  1. Great informative article from another E2L person! I’ve followed Dr.Fuhrman’s approach for a long time and am about 80-90% E2L. Have you read his other books? A wealth of information, too! I’m building recipes using the E2L framework.– you can see them at . I look forward to more information on your website!

    1. Hey Diane thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear from another follower of Dr. Fuhrman. We have read a few of his books and will be posting more articles like this in the future. I will check out your site for some recipes. We can always use new ideas for delicious meals.

      ~Dustin DNAinc

  2. You’ve really peaked my interest, I may just have to check out this book and see what it’s about. So there is no meat in the diet?
    We follow a kosher diet, so I”m wondering if this plan is compatible?

    I know in my heart I need to make a change, especially after 6 kiddos, my head is always in a fog these days. It would be nice to feel energetic and healthy the way it was in high school.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Hey Annie, thanks for reading our article. The nutritarian diet does allow for some meat products but very minimal. We prefer to avoid them 95% of the time but it is optional. The main thing is to get as many greens as possible each day both raw and cooked. I hope you will give the book a chance or even check out some of the other information Dr. Fuhrman provides. The kids will benefit the most from the change.

  3. Hello my name is Miriam mendoza I really think that you have a great topic. Nutrition is very important. I had not really thought of it the way you described it ,but it really got me thinking, about the nutrients that our bodies are lacking, what is lacking in the foods we eat. All
    the physical problems we have. Obesity one of the biggest problems americans face, the sad thing it is really easy to add pound after pound, to the hard part is getting them pounds off.
    Thank you for sharing this great article something to really look into.

    1. Thank you for reading our article about nutrition. We are trying to help as many people as possible by sharing good information about food and natural ways to heal the body. Dr. Fuhrman has so much information in his books and other resources so check them out and I hope it helps.

  4. I have heard about Dr. Fuhrman, his book “Eat to Live” is a straightforward instruction on nutrition and how to become healthy and stay fit without using drugs or gimmicks. I have found his advice helpful to lose weight and improve you health dramatically. I think if you follow him and read his works, if nothing else, you’ll become a nutrition knowledgeable person and be able to determine valid products and foods from the scams out there.

    1. Very strong point made my friend. I agree that Dr. Fuhrman is straightforward and the information he provides does help you make better choices about the products and foods you use and eat. Thanks for reading and sharing some feedback.

  5. I really like the quote eat to live. We shold eat food that fuels our bodies so that we can be and feel our best. Dr. Fuhrman’s book has very easy to follow instructions about nutrition. I recommend it to everyone since we are nothing without our health

    1. Thanks for reading our post. We love Dr. Fuhrman and believe his books about health are very helpful for our journey to a healthy happy life. We are working diligently to get more good information out there for others to gain from.

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