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One thing that I have noticed over the years of progression through the natural healing lifestyle is that most new amazing miracle products (1) are not actually new and have a ton of history,  (2) have some form of negative media driven by the pharmaceutical industry, and (3) they actually do what they claim to do.

Colloidal Silver was introduced to me soon after we started using CBD products through research related to random health questions.

Colloidal Silver is a solution of nano-sized silver particles mixed in distilled water. There is a lot of history of colloidal silver being used to treat wounds and heal infections as far back as ancient Greece. From the early 1800s until the early 1900s colloidal silver was used in stitches for wounds, ulcers, and even syphilis until penicillin became more widely available.

The biggest question about this miracle worker is does colloidal silver turn you blue?

Side Effects: Blue Skin?

If you search colloidal silver-blue skin on google you will be met with an array of photos of blue/gray skin people but most of one particular individual male. That blue man is Paul Karason a.k.a papa smurf. The mainstream media (which promotes big pharma) used his photos and story to make it seem that colloidal silver is dangerous.

The good thing about the condition which is called Argyria, is that it has no negative health effects and is considered benign or cosmetic more than anything. So will you turn blue? Well, Mr. Karason made a few mistakes, such as making his own batch at home not using proper methods and also he drank at least a pint a day for many years.

The proper dosage of colloidal silver would be a teaspoonful one to three times a day. Also, there really isn’t a reason to take it each day or the full dosage unless you are perhaps dealing with some form of infection. Usually, you want to buy a product that has between 10-20 ppm, while some claim to have 500 ppm or parts per million that is too much!

So when it comes to turning blue, let’s just say be smart about how much you are taking, and as long as you don’t do what Mr. Karason did you will be fine and healthy.

How Does it work?

If you dig deeper into your search you will find more than blue faces, you will actually see that colloidal silver isn’t a new product or idea at all. You will also learn about many of the benefits that come with the use of colloidal silver.

The real question is how does it work? Many people consider colloidal silver more than just antiseptic because it not only kills bacteria it actually eliminates fungal infections and destroys viruses. To this day there are no known bacteria that are resistant to colloidal silver.

The best way to take the colloidal silver is to swish it in your mouth like mouth wash and swallowing it to allow for as much absorption as possible or you can use a nebulizer to breathe it in as well.

Silver does a lot of things in the body when pathogens are present. The silver actually stops the process of cell division, interrupts the enzyme’s transport of nutrients, and destabilizes the cell membrane, in other words, the silver attracts and attacks the pathogen that is harming the body by suffocating it to death. That is pretty amazing discovery if you ask me.

Common Uses Today

So if people aren’t just chugging high amounts of colloidal silver to get the smurf effect then why are they using it? One major fact is that it has anti-microbial properties, meaning it can kill all forms of bacteria. A good use because of this is actually for water disinfectant.

The W.H.O actually released an article titled ” Silver as a drinking water disinfectant ” that covered a study in which over 600 disease-causing pathogens were killed with just a small amount of colloidal silver being added to the water.

Another reason big pharma doesn’t want people to use colloidal silver is due to its ability to fight common infections. As we know anytime most people get an infection we are prescribed an antibiotic and also common knowledge is we are becoming immune to many antibiotic medications.

Many people are not only getting away from big pharma but also other major companies that have harsh chemicals in their products and colloidal silver can be used for a number of things when cleaning around the house. Since it has no chemicals, it’s allergen-free and antimicrobial it is a great substitute and safe for all ages.

I could list many more ways to use colloidal silver but the main reason people us it is simply to give their immune system a boost to always have an upper hand on those pesky viruses like the one we are all dealing with right now with COVID-19.

Where can you Buy Colloidal Silver?

Since we started down the path of natural healing we have changed many things in our day to day lives from what we eat, what we clean with as well as what supplements we use. It can be tough at times to find a trusted brand to go with especially when it comes to a new product, I mean no one wants to be left with a case of the blues.

When it comes to choosing a product to use I always look for ways to legitimize it. The great thing about the colloidal silver we use, they are 3rd party lab tested and they use 100% pure colloidal silver. To go along with that they also contain a precise concentration of 10 parts per million (ppm) which has been shown to be the most effective.

There are many products and brands available but when looking remember to go for one that has between 10-20 ppm and also shows that it has been tested. With that said you can buy it online from many retailers or even go to Walmart, CVS, Walgreen, or GNC to find it.

No Smurfs Around Here

I guess if you would like to turn blue using colloidal silver you can definitely take enough to make that happen but it could take a while and I can’t guarantee a role in the next X-Men movie for you. The thing is every good thing has to be used in moderation and doing your research is always a good idea.

Since so many people are waking up to the truths about living healthy you bet many big corporations want to get there hands in another cookie jar and you can find colloidal silver at Walmart, CVS, and GNC but this just shows that it obviously works and that more people are learning that.

Finally, Colloidal silver can be used for many reasons since it is antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, as well as allergen and chemical-free. It has been used since history has been recorded and many people still trust it today to keep their families healthy with a strong immune system that can fight against all types of disease-causing pathogens.

Leave us a comment and share your experience with colloidal silver and how you use it.

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