What is the Correct Dosage for CBD Oil – Easy Guide

What is correct dosage for CBD

Now that you have your CBD oil in hand you may be wondering how much you should take. Don’t be like my friend that saw my CBD and decided to try it without asking and took a full dropper or you could end up taking a nice nap that you otherwise didn’t plan to take. My friend was new to CBD and he took around 100mg with that highly concentrated 0.5oz bottle of 750mg CBD but I will say he felt better than ever after he woke up.

Here’s the thing, CBD has a ton of benefits and only minor side effects that are usually associated with taking too much. It’s not like you can overdose to the point of harming yourself but you can end up tired or maybe have a change in appetite, munchies anyone ?

So without further adieu,  what is the correct dosage for CBD oil?

Why are you taking CBD?

There is more to figuring out how much CBD a person should take than just age, weight or even perhaps experience with other forms of Cannabis. Just because you have smoked marijuana a lot doesn’t mean you will have a higher tolerance for CBD and automatically need more.

People decide to use CBD for many reasons from anxiety or depression to chronic pain. So take in to consideration your circumstance and why it is that you decided to give CBD a try. If you are using it for daily general health then I would suggest starting with a lower amount and taking more over time until you get the desired results.

If you are someone who is dealing with chronic pain I would honestly find the highest mg bottle of CBD possible and start with a full serving which in most cases’ would be a full dropper from a tincture. For children and pets I would always start with the lowest possible amount and depending on your situation it may be good to talk to a healthcare provider prior to starting.

Why does the amount matter?

Well the expression less is more could fit well here. Some studies have shown that lower dosages of CBD have proven more effective than high dosages. CBD can be somewhat costly and if you don’t need to take 100mg to attain the benefits you may be looking for then why would you ?

Not only do you save money by taking less CBD but you are also in a position to be able to increase the amount you take when and if you ever need to. Another great thing about being sure to use the proper amount is you will be less likely to experience any of the rare side effects such as diarrhea or fatigue.

How to Calculate the Amount?

It isn’t in all cases’ that the CBD you will be taking will be easy to read as far as how much you are actually taking per serving. The edibles and even vaping and smoking can be hard to calculate the actual amount of CBD in mg that you are getting into your body.

Even when a label for gummies says that it has 20mg per serving how can you really be sure. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to use a CBD tincture with a dropper so that you can measure it down to the drop if you really feel the need to like myself.

I actually have a simple formula that I used to calculate how much a full serving or a dropper full equivalate to. In most cases’ CBD tinctures are 1oz or 30ml bottles. CBD amounts in each bottle range from as low as 100mg all the way up to 5000mg and beyond. When buying CBD I always go for the highest concentrated amount because you usually get a better deal and with this calculation it will be easy to take the correct amount.

CBDmg Total/Total ML= CBDmg Per Serving

For example if you bought a tincture with 1350mg of CBD and it was the standard 30ml bottle then 1350mg/30ml=45mg of CBD per serving(ml) or per full dropper. To calculate it further, for instance per drop, you can simply use 1ml=20 drops therefore using the same example a 1350mg bottle of CBD would have approximately 2mg per drop.

Can you take too much ?

When it comes to many forms of medicine both natural and man-made usually there is the underlying risk of taking too much and perhaps overdosing that can often lead to major ailments and in some cases’ death. The good news is there have been ZERO casualties taken by the use of CBD or any compound found in the Cannabis plant or that matter.

You can take as much CBD as you would like to and the worst that would come from it would be a long nap, a good bowl movement and maybe a bigger appetite. This to me is another major reason I love CBD so much is because it doesn’t come with the scary warning label that many Americans see every time they pick up a prescription from the pharmacy.

As for my family we take CBD every morning with our breakfast when we start our day. My 9 year old son has benefited in so many ways with his ADHD and my wife is able to focus more on her day to day task as a project manager. As for me I was hooked the first time I took CBD by the euphoric feeling that took over my body and brightened my day. We sometimes take an extra dose at night before bed to help with sleep. After 3 years we are taking around 50mg each per day and have found that to be the most efficient amount for us.

Relax and Enjoy

Regardless if have just started taking CBD or have been taking it for years the main point is to embrace it as the amazing medicine that it is and allow it to do what it can do for you. Maybe you are taking CBD for stress or for some form of pain but either way it can and will help you.

Depending on the reasoning behind taking CBD you may be taking a small amount or you may be taking the highest dosage possible but I hope that this easy guide helped in some way. I don’t just feel like everyone should take CBD, I feel everyone should have the chance to get a good product for a good price and know how to calculate the amount they are taking.

The good news is there are companies that make good quality products and there are boring ways with math to calculate the amount you are taking. Side note, my son says that math stands for mental abuse to humans so you may want to do the calculations for your kids before you administer the medicine to them.

Relax and Enjoy your newfound peace with the best Natural medicine know to man….CBD !

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