Positive vs Negative Attitude – The Three E’s

Positive vs Negative Attitude

Stay positive, we all have heard this more than our fair share of times. It seems so easy to someone on the outside looking in, but how does one go about the process of becoming or staying positive. Positive and negative thoughts are both reactions to the brain’s trained process to cope with everyday life.

This means that your thoughts are habits that have been engraved in your brain by allowing outside forces to affect how you think and feel. One cannot simply stay positive without reprogramming the brain to be that way and naturally react that way. We are trained from an early age to default to negative and that leads to low self-esteem and less effort and production in life and quite often failure!

I am not saying that you will never have a negative thought or that you won’t get angry in traffic but I am saying that there are a few ways to help yourself be more positive and have more energy and most of all be happy.

How about a Self Evaluation?

Let me start by saying I nor anyone else can make you happy! I’m not even saying my insight will help you because everything I say is subjective. I still struggle just like you and everyone else because life always throws obstacles our way. The point is to be sharp and prepared.

I came up with a three step plan called the Three E’s. The first major step in staying positive is Evaluation. In order to know what is negative in your life you need to find a quiet place alone maybe with some light relaxing music and really focus on what it is in your life that is bothering you. Who in your life is a bad influence ? Ask yourself, are you eating the right foods and exercising enough ?

Dig deep into that uncomfortable place where you hide all of your guilt and reality and pull those things out from hiding and shine some light on them. I would be willing to bet that 99% of people have at least one major thing and/or person or even maybe an object or substance in their life that is holding them back and flooding them with negativity constantly. In order to find your inner peace you need to know what is blocking that ! Write it down and make a list.

Time to Take out the Garbage !

This brings me to the second E, for Eliminate. Now the first one seemed tough and I know a lot of people dug up some real painful thoughts and emotions but this is the serious part. This is where now you start to take back control of your life ! All the negative stuff you identified from your self evaluation has to go !

This is the big step. If you have issues with your health then you need to stop buying all the junk food and buy stuff that will nourish your body and make you feel good. If you have a friend that has never been open to change and doesn’t like the new you or whatever it is, if they are a bad influence on who you want to become they have to be cut off. I know many will say if that’s the case I won’t have any friends and my response is good, you don’t need any if they are all bad influences.

You will meet new people, positive people who like to be around other positive people. Just like misery needs company, positivity is like a magnet bringing forth strong connections.

Another issue is the entire social media craze. I believe it is bad news and I recommend cleaning that just as much if not more than anything else. Stop watching the news and ignore the entertainment industry because they are all negative. By eliminating these things, people, news, media and so on you can give space in your brain for conscious thought. It makes it easier to make the right decision because you know it’s the best choice and you don’t have as many outside influences trying to distract you with negativity.

Elevate Yourself to New Highs

The last E is Elevate. To raise to a more important or impressive level. This is just as important because now that you have become more aware of the bad influences in your life and you have cleaned out some of the junk, you can now continue to grow. You now hold the key to how far you go with being clean. Having a clean mind, body and spirit, you will have power over the surrounding elements that once held you back. You will no longer be a slave to a system that is rigged to keep as many people down as they can.

When you begin to really heal your body with good nutritious food, exercise enough and ease your mind with clear positive thoughts, you will be happier daily. This is a constant battle at this point but you will be stronger with each battle you fight and win. You can elevate yourself to a point where you can help others to do the same.

When you become this more positive energetic person you will notice that the people you see around you respect you and truly care. You can now truly slow down and enjoy life and pursue your dreams and with a positive mind, focus and effort you can do anything.

Time to Embrace Life with a Smile

For me, I have found a good level of balance in my life and enjoy waking up feeling good and ready to go each day. I am genuinely happy and that is all I want for others. I would never try to lead someone down a hopeless path or even ask someone to stop talking to a friend they have had for years, unless I thought it was best. The final decision you make in each situation in your life is your own decision that you made. My experience in life says that most of the outside influences in the average person’s day to day life are negative in some way. I want to try to do my part to help people realize this as truth, accept that and then decide how important their goals, dreams and aspirations are in life and are they willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true.

I hope that you found my article helpful and positive in some way and remember Evaluate your life and identify what’s holding you back. Eliminate the things that aren’t helping you get to where you want to be. Elevate yourself to a level of consciousness that will give you the power to stay positive daily, and most importantly be kind to everyone you meet.

6 thoughts on “Positive vs Negative Attitude – The Three E’s

  1. Hey,

    This is a great article, especially with the way of the world at the minute. Our attitudes are so important to our own and others mental wellbeing. Attitude is a choice, we don’t just wake up with a positive or negative attitude, we actually decide to be positive or negative.

    I think a lot of people could benefit from your 3 E’s concept and it is something you should talk more about. Keep preaching.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hey Tom,

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting on the article. We are motivated to help people in any way that we can and hearing feedback is always good. I am glad you like my 3 E’s concept and I will continue to work hard on positive posts in the future.

      Stay Blessed,


  2. I completely agree about limiting or eliminating social media, news and entertainment. It is important to stay informed in what is going on in the world, but it can get to the point that it drags you down. Social media is bad for comparing your life to someone else’s who may seem like they have it all together, although we only see their ‘highlight reels’. I deleted Facebook from my phone, so that I don’t go on it as often and I rarely watch the news. I’m trying to be more intentional on what I watch/listen to. Great post and important reminders! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for reading the article and I am glad you found it relative. It is good to hear that others are aware of the issues with social media, news and even entertainment. I appreciate your feedback and will keep working on more positive post in the future.

      ~Dustin DNAinc

  3. Great article and encouraging information to be inspired for a fresh start! Evaluation, Elimination, and Elevation are three powerful keys to developing a new positive mindset. I really enjoyed the first point about Evaluation because it’s the first and I believe, hardest step requiring you “dig deep into the uncomfortable places” and accept the need for change.

    1. Hey Robert, Thanks for reading my post on “The Three E’s”. We appreciate your feedback and I am glad you found the information to be encouraging because that is the main objective. Keep a lookout for more articles on this topic in the future.

      ~Dustin DNAinc

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