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Juicing for energy

It seems as if caffeine has been the go to for most people for energy and focus for hundreds of years in many cultures. Caffeine itself was discovered in coffee beans around 1818 and has since been a novelty for many to enjoy typically at breakfast. There are many said benefits of drinking coffee on a daily bases such as helping with depression and lowering the risk of heart attack.

Although there are benefits from the coffee there are also repercussions from too much caffeine such as insomnia, headaches and anxiety. This isn’t the only form of caffeine or energy people are getting these days either. There are hundreds of energy drinks and sodas out there that push their products as a miracle worker when in reality they are praying on the weak addicted minds of millions.

I know from experience that we all need a boost now and then to get us through our daily tasks. This is why I want to let you know that there is a healthy alternative to these sugar and caffeine filled diabetic nightmares out there.

That’s why you should use juice as an energy drink !

What Grade of Fuel are You Using ?

The human body is a machine much like the one’s we use on a daily bases. We drive our cars and they use fuel and other ingredients to run and operate properly. The world around us has changed tremendously and in a very short time we went from somewhat understanding how our bodies function as a culture to being distracted by so many things that our health is never a discussion especially when I can have energy in a cup or a bottle.

People are too busy to stop and realize that they don’t have the energy they once had or for some have never had because they have been operating on empty. How can we expect our bodies to function at 100% when we don’t give it the basic needs that it ask for ? That’s like trying to drive to work 30 miles away with only enough gas to go 10 miles.

This is a big issue and another issue is that instead of getting what it needs we often only eat what we want. This is like putting diesel in a non-diesel vehicle and expecting it to run OK when it will likely lock up. The first thing we reach for is sugar and caffeine for a boost but this is only making things worse.

What you really need !

This brings me to my point. The best way to feel good and have the energy you need to perform at or above the level you would like to is to give your body the proper nutrients. This can be a difficult task especially when you realize the extent of what a healthy body in motion needs to stay strong.

This is why juice became my energy drink. I have been in direct sales for years and I drank at least one cup of coffee and one energy drink a day. This started to take a toll on me and I would notice that not only was I becoming more and more dependent on the caffeine and sugar but I never got the energy I used to get from it. It was like I had to take in a certain level of caffeine and sugar to even function.

What juicing does is takes all the rich nutrients that are in fresh greens, fruits and roots and separates them from the fiber. It’s not that the fiber is bad, it’s that in reality who would eat more than a pound of raw greens, fruits and roots in one sitting? By juicing things like kale, spinach, chard or romaine lettuce you can get your daily cruciferous greens in one cup. This mixed with some lemon, ginger, turmeric, beets, celery, parsley, cucumber, carrots and apple will make what I call an elixir. There are many options on what you juice together but the main thing to avoid is too much fruit. Fruit is high in sugar and although it is natural sugar it will still cause your insulin to spike just like artificial sugar.

How Does Juicing work ?

So why does juicing give you energy and is it as effective as coffee ? Now that I have told you about my new energy drink and what it is made up of I would like to share with you why it isn’t just as good as your regular energy drink and coffee but better.

We have all experienced a sugar buzz or a caffeine high so to speak and we likewise have experienced the crash to boot. This is because caffeine and sugar are stimulants not nutrients. A stimulant does just what it says it stimulates the brain to make you feel like you are more focused and alert and once that caffeine or sugar level gets too low you can either drink some more or deal with the crash.

I want to drive this home with you, caffeine and sugar are both highly addictive and potentially harmful drugs. The fact that the FDA seems to not care about the increasing level of caffeine and sugar intake of the average American is appalling to say the least. With all of that being said, drinking raw juice gives you more nutrients in one serving than most American’s get in a week. The benefits of juicing are beyond the daily sustainable energy level with no crash. This is a way to prevent and even reverse diseases.

Is it cost-efficient ?

The final thing I would like to point out is the cost factor. I myself was always under the impression that eating clean and healthy was expensive. I thought that I could not afford to juice a bunch of produce that would last me a week, but I learned quickly that if you shop around you can get all organic produce for not much more than non-organic. I also came to realize that I was saving money by avoiding all the processed foods, fast foods, meats and so on.

The way juicing and eating healthy made me feel not only got me completely away from soda and energy drinks but away from most foods and drink that were bad for my body. This is where things began more clear that we have been led in the wrong direction since birth. We are presented salt, fats, sugar and caffeine all on a silver platter while healthy natural foods cause what I call the ugly face syndrome.

These are all minor points to the fact that without a change in diet you will deal with increase in medical cost as you age and that caffeine will stop working one day. Is it really more expensive to eat healthy and live an overall healthier lifestyle or is it just inconvenient?

So now what ?

In conclusion, Juicing fresh organic fruits, veggies and roots is the way to go if you want to have sustainable energy all day and live a healthier life. You can start to save money by cutting out the unnecessary sugar, caffeine and so on. I believe you can prevent many diseases by giving your body the fuel it needs to go strong.

It’s OK, you can still have your coffee but one cup is enough. What I have shared with you is just a small excerpt of how my life has changed and does not include the fact that my 9 year old eats this way. The positivity in my life is amazing and the ability to think clearly and rationally while getting through the day to day tasks is a blessing. This is a lifestyle choice and if I can do it anyone can. The benefits of juicing far exceed my own knowledge but the negative impact of sugar and caffeine is blatantly obvious. We need to make a change and the change starts with you. Have the life you have always wanted by changing the most important ingredient to success and that’s fueling your body with Organic fruits and vegetables.

If you want to start juicing but aren’t sure what kind of Juicer you should get I suggest the Omega J8006HDS Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System.

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